Ursus Arctos Arctos

by Odessos

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"Long story short, Ursus Arctos Arctos is fucking phenomenal. Get psyched." The Vinyl Warhol

"Music that makes you want to move." LoudFL

"...a powerhouse waiting to happen." The Anthem Music


released October 23, 2015

Recorded at Killian Studios in Daytona Beach, Florida. Engineered by Matt Goings. Produced and written by Odessos. Artwork by Francesca Elettra Cudignotto.



all rights reserved


Odessos Orlando, Florida

Odessos is a band from Daytona Beach, Florida.


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Track Name: From Barrel to Blame
Why am I here? Said the bullet to himself
Thought it a dream but then
Heard a bang, my ears rang, and I woke up someplace new
Then a voice said aloud
What are you doing here, we never called for you

Sorry to disturb but I was sent, my master called so I went
Sorry to say you've got to go so soon, but there's just not enough room

Bullets don't have names just a destination,
So I came here because here is where I was sent
Don't know the why, trust me if I knew I would tell you (promise)
I'm just a pawn in someone else's game

Could you leave? I can't beat with you syncopating me
Complications, palpitations, circulations all off key
Sorry I'm just a bullet, gun cocks I fly when he shoots it
But I can't move on my own agenda, did I mention I'm

Bullets don't have names just a destination
so you came here because here is where you were sent
Don't know the why, I trust if you knew you'd tell me (sincerely)
You're just a pawn in somebody's game, from barrel to blame

The heartbeat beat until his time was gone
The bullet knew on his shoulders the blame sat on
His friend was gone so he cried, he cried, he cried
He never thought that he was meant to take a life

The only life he spent time with
In a life he never wanted
but life don't look good from here

His friend was gone (he took his life)
Your foe is not me but the man holding the gun
(I'm not the one who took your life)
Track Name: Touch
So close I can feel your warmth pouring over me.
Hypnotized by the look in your eyes when you ain't lookin' at me.
I can't seem to get my feet to move, but oh my what I'd give to have these arms around you.
Small steps and a nervous sigh as I make my way to you, I stare you down from your sole to your crown fumbling across the room.
Could you be interested in me? Don't know but here I go as you stand in front of me.

Let me touch the skin you're in, just a taste of your oxytocin. Before I knew it skin had let in my heart, took to the races.

You're touching me, a moment of pure bliss, and I can't think of nothing better than this.
You're touching me, the world cant bother us. I found what i needed, what I needed was your touch.

Oh my how a moment in time can make you feel alive. Noticed our exchange in heat and you turned and gave a smile.
Whats my move? If I only prepared. Turned around with a flip of your hair and i think while lookin' scared.

Words couldn't say what I want you to hear, but I've got your attention. You stare right in through the windows of my soul, reading my intentions.
Touch me love and you'll excite my heart, hold me and I'm dead. Bite your lip, make me want you more.
Baby whats going through your head? Lady whats going through your head?
Track Name: Rendezvous
We talked a while about what we know
More than break the ice we melt the snow (cool calm and collected)
You rush right in to fade away, you leave though I ask you to stay

What little time we spent together has me thinking
How glad I am I didn't miss this rendezvous
I stare into you, you stare right through
And it seems like we're on other sides of the tide
But you smiled

Your fickle gaze from Sundays to Saturdays
Your eyes they prey on my fragile state of mind
But oh your teeth, they can't get enough of me
When you smile at me, we bridge the sea in-between

We climb the chemistry we forged
But at the top you seem so bored (cool calm and collected)
The time I spent and sacrificed just proves that you're as cold as ice
But i couldn't leave you alone dear

You're teasing me, but i cant seem to shake you from these dreams
I'm losing sleep
You: sound mind, sound soul, hot body
Leading me on, turn me off, ,turn me on
Cause you've got me interested
Oh how your figure dances in the light
Got these bones excited now I'm ready to take flight
You've got me attracted
Track Name: Move
Feel it in your bones, it sounds so much like home (where the heart is)
But don't listen too hard, you'll hear all the flaws (and can't enjoy them)
It's supposed to be something to make you happy, don't overthink it -
All you've got to do is move baby, move in every second of your day

Feel it baby love, love it baby love
Just take all of your time, and let it figure itself out

Where do we go from here?
When you're too young to steer yourself in the right direction
Life has a way of getting in the way of your progression
You cant backseat drive, sit back enjoy the ride:
Life's a highway that you cant understand
When you learn to let go, you can then hold close
A love far more giving than you could plan

Let go baby, you ought to move baby, move your body

Move your body, forget you're tired, move your feet from left to right
It's your party get excited, you're home finally
If you're worried, don't be: Just move your body
Track Name: Star Rides
Easy does it ,easy now
Slow your roll, settle down
Be still, be calm, be easy
I'm about to ring the alarm

Too wired to be still
Too loud to shut it up
What you're asking is impossible
After I've been struck you better move the ceiling
Before I blow it off
Tonight I'm riding on the stars until the moons' time is up

Whatcha sayin (I don't know)
Moving out of time (to a light show)
My mind is over there (never mind it's on the couch)
I lost my train of thought, now I'm 'bout to head out

Off this sedentary way, move aside I'm ready to place my turn

I'm trading my good nights for star rides
I'm on cloud 9 right now
Track Name: Cinderella
I've looked far and wide,
Weary eyes haven't found you
My request, haven't met a pair of ears
To take my blues

Mock me paramours
Kiss and remind me
That I'm only one to your two
Couple of fools
Why, my baby, haven't you found me yet

Cinderella, won't you come for me this time

I sought out for love's touch, never to feel its sting.
Well I'm done hunting for your love, baby you come to me.

Well make your move, 'cause I've been bruised
Falling time and time again. Well I'm right here
And I've been waiting for you dear
Love of mine I think it's time for you to get here

And it seems in a dream we'd find fantasy in time.
But time is standing still
My love is caught in reality, it's midnight for me
And my baby hasn't found me yet

You'll find your sole's other half here.

Wanderer of neverland
The things we sealed, the love we planned
I've searched the sea, I've searched the sand
Can't find you